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Kitchen : (latin : cocina ) Room of a home where we prepare meals.

American kitchen : open kitchen.


The main piece in our lifestyle .

  • Stylize or modernize
  • Personalize by combining materials and accessories

Because your kitchen must fulfill your fancy

A new conception that answers the pleasure of cooking in front of close relations. Yesterday, cooking was done backstage; today it is done as a family or in presence of our circle of friends. The kitchen must answer "the art of cooking" in a simple manner.

A kitchen needs to be "more" than a place to prepare food. It must be completely integrated in the interior design, even bringing an additional touch on top of its primary function.

A sink, an oven, a refrigerator or a countertop... are many possibilities to make it attractive and original.

If the kitchen's essence is its functionality, its quality of fabrication, the quality of its hardware and accessories will make a great deal of difference.

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